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To apply to study at our institute, applicants must meet the below criteria.

● Applicants must have completed 12 years of formal schooling in their home countries.
● Applicants or supporter must be able to pay tuition and accommodation expenses. 

Documents Required from Applicant

Documents Required from Supporter

① Application Form

② 7x Recent Passport Photographs (3cm x 4cm

③ Resume

④ Copy of Passport (including pages with previous visits to Japan)

⑤ Birth Certificate / Family Register

⑥ Diploma & Transcript of final education

⑦ Proof of Home Address

⑧ Employment Certificates (if applicable)

⑨ Japanese Test Certificate (if applicable)

⑩ Copy of ID Card

① Letter of Payment

② Birth Certificate / Family Register

③ Certificate of Incumbency

④ Certificate / Statement of Bank Balance

⑤ Copy of Bank Book (if applicable)

⑥ Employment Certificate (proof of employment)

⑦ Proof of Home Address

⑧ Proof of Income (past 3 years)

⑨ Proof of Tac Payments (past 3 years)

⑩ Copy of ID Card

● Please write with a black ball-point. 

● Item 6: Please write the school name and the address in detail.

● Please write the admission day and a graduation date correctly.

● Item 8: Please fill in any part-time job experience and military service.

※ Please don't use white-out.

※ Those who have exceeded more than five years after graduating from school must provide a career certificate, study plans, a statement of the reason why you wish to continue education after a long gap.

※ If you created the application form using Word or Excel, please be sure to sign all copies in the relevant space.

Course Fees

Generally the first year of fees is paid upon issue of the Certificate of Eligibility from immigration and remaining fees are paid at a later date.
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